I.O.I Do you miss them?

ioi에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Hi Hello my friends. thanks for reading my blog.

I heard that this blog is the last one for mid-term exam.

So, I decided to introduce my favorite idol group.

They emerged in 2016 through the TV program “Produce 101”.

관련 이미지

The 11 girls who survived in this survival program can debut with honor.

Most of them are trainee who have a desire to be an idol.

It was a really fierce competition. So, people loved this program.

But I don’t have any interests about this program until its end.

군대 tv시청에 대한 이미지 검색결과

I will tell you about my story….. when I was in military in 2017…….

(((I will skip the details. I know you got it.)))

Their masterpiece song, “소나기(Sudden rain/Shower)” and “벚꽃이 지면(When the cherry blossoms fall) are still my favorite songs. I listen them once a month ^^;;.

Once, I.O.I was a only rival of Twice.

But I.O.I had to say goodbye to us, because their contract period was done.

in the result, Twice became the most popular idol group in Asia.

I.O.I had a potential to be a great idol group in Asia and America. but…..

Sad ending….

They split apart into 5 groups except Cheongha the solo, Sohye the actress and Somi the nothing.

Dia, GuGuDan, WekiMeki, Cosmic girls, Pristin.

5 groups are not popular as I.O.I.

So, people say that they are much better when they are together.

Actually, the 2 girls who are not belong to any groups, they going well than other belonged members. (in domestic)

김소혜에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Sohye had not purpose to be an idol. She wants to be an actress.

So when I.O.I ends, she tried to act in dramas.

She acts well, but people love her when she appear entertainment show and radio!

청하에 대한 이미지 검색결과

The Queen. The alcohol. The post-BoA. Her name is Cheongha.

Cheongha is korean alcohol beverage’s name. so it became her nickname alcohol.

She is real diamond.

She has every elements of idol. Singing, dancing, visual…

She is not belong to group, instead she is solo artist.

It was a nice decision!

If she participate in idol group, she won’t get any spotlights.

I want to introduce every members, but

It will be a sad introducing….. I don’t like sad story.

You know why. whatever….

I really want their reunion. Many fans want that too.

Also, obviously 11 girls want that too.

If they reunion, It will be one of the most popular group in the world.

thanks for read my blog!


Minseo, When can you become famous?

Hi fellows!

Do you know Yoon jongsin? as known as the TV show “Radio Star” and his masterpiece song “Like It (좋니)”

There is a newcomer who praised Yoon Jong-shin as a treasure.

today’s artist is Minseo. a treasure of Mystic Entertainment.

MinSeo appeared on Mnet <Superstar K7> in 2010. She received public attention with boyish appearance and appealing voice.

I’m sure you have seen this video. the reply song for “Like it”

Due to popularity of “Like it”, the reply song “Yes” won the first prize in the various music charts.

She won the first prize before her debut. it is really not common.
No one can accomplish this accomplishment easily.

But in spite of this attention, she is not famous yet. so sad..

Not only her vocal, also she is very pretty. so some people say that she will become like a “IU”.

We can say IU is a processed jewels. and also we can say Minseo is a unprocessed jewels.

because Her agency, Mystick, doesn’t give her a good song.

If she get some good songs, she will become famous earlier. I’m sure.

There is no doubt because she won the first prize with “Yes”.

Actually, I think the song in the top of this page, “The Grand Dreams” is great song. 🙂

Please listen some time. 🙂 that is official debut song of her.

She is an ambassador of the game “Dungeon & Fighter”. as known as 정공겜

If you have ever played that game, listen to this song.

You can hear a familiar melody. 🙂

And she proved her ability in the 복면가왕.

Many people loved her voice, but she can’t go up.

Actually, I couldn’t predict that she was Minseo when I was watching that TV show.

I really want to her to be famous.

It is so sad that person like her cannot be famous despite of her good vocal.

I believe her and Yoon jongshin. Minseo is a steady singer. and Yoon jongshin is a capable producer.

They will make Minseo great.

Please give her good attention and listen her music my friends!

See you then! thanks for reading!

Yukika, the Korea lover.

Hi! it’s me again! 🙂

in this time, I’ll introduce about a cute solo artist Yukika.

She debuted in February 2019 in Korea as a solo singer.

as you can predict by her name, she is Japanese.

She was very talented voice actor in japan. but she came to Korea in 2016 to participate a project drama.

She has a brilliant potential to act her voice. But she abandoned her job because of love for Korea,

the drama which Yukika participated in was a famous game & animation remade ‘The idol master’

I think it was a very heavy decision to her. because, Her friend was a voice actor too.

Her friend acted in The idol master as a main roll.

But Yukika participated in a drama to remake that.

It would be injured her pride so much. so, I respect her decision. She was great.

Anyway, If you can recognize 2 girls in the picture, I want to tell you that they acted in this drama too.

she was a member of a group called “Real girl project” which consisted of cast members of the drama.

but it couldn’t earn much popularity. Soon, the group was broke up.

So she return to a practice room as a trainee. so sad……

One day in 2017, she got a chance for ‘Mix 9’ survival audition held by YG.

YG recognized her talent. he praised Yukika so much. (I was so happy when I watched this)

But in Mix 9, she didn’t survive long and also she didn’t get any attention.

However, suddenly she came back to us with her own solo single !

I really love this song “Neon” emits 80’s retro music atmosphere.

I really really love foreigners who can speak Korean. If they are not good at Korean, It’s okay. I love the fact that they tried to speak Korean.

When she speaks Korean, some people who don’t know about her would think that she is Korean.

She has very smooth Korean pronunciation! and I also love her voice. so cute!

She said, Her roll model is Boa (Korean artist of SM Ent, really famous in Japan)

I wish her to live like a Boa. I decided to support her forever until her dreams come true!

Please, support her and listen to her music! see you!

The forgotten jewel KATIE

Hello friends ^0^ please play the video now! use your earphones please… please….

I’ll introduce about Katie, the forgotten jewel from YG entertainment.

I think she has unique voice and appearance.

She is really good at R&B Soul music. she is very talented vocal!

in fact, she majored in Song writing and Performance in Berklee College of Music !!!

Katie is known as a K-pop star season 4 winner.

She chose YG entertainment to debut as a singer.

But, YG is infamous for hiding their artists, and do not releasing their album or single.

After winning the audition program, I thought she would be a famous singer, but she didn’t.

She was victim of YG too.

One day in my darkness life. (When I was imprisoned in army)

I find it on youtube in Ssajibang.

Suddenly. it became a light of my life. because I fell in love at first sight.

actually, I hate any Hip-hop and R&B music. but it was different to others…

So I can wait escaping from army with this music. I heard it everyday.

Katie left her agency and went to another agency, Axis entertainment.

Axis was made by a producer from YG entertainment.

Her 1st single ‘Remember’ is made in that moment. with her new agency. in august 2018.

I really hope that releasing new album of Katie.

Her life for singer started 4 years ago, but she has only 1 original (her own) song.

I really want to listen her voice with brand-new song!

please cheer for her with me! and listen her music plz…. thank you I love you! thanks for reading! you are a Hero!


Do you know about Band Idols? there are two very famous band idols, CNBlue and FTIsland.

They are belong to FNC Entertainment. also, FNC have 2 more band idols, N.Flying and AOA. actually, they are famous too.

We can say that the band idol is only for FNC Ent.

But in this situation, one of the biggest entertainment company challenged to make a band idol.

The entertainment company is JYP.

my first unknown K-pop artist recommendation is


Day6 is a band idol belong to JYP Ent.

Actually, Day6 debuted before Twice.

but they are less famous than Twice.

because, JYP didn’t want to promote them.

JYP said: I don’t want to make them famous artificially. they are not only a idol but also a band. so I hope them to be a famous band by using their own music.

now, let me introduce Day6 in my own view!

My favorite member is Wonpil.

he is sooooo handsome guy..

he has wonderful voice. also he is a great composer.

when Wonpil sings refrain(후렴) of my favorite song “You were beautiful”, I can’t see him. because he emits a verrrry bright dazzling light.

Their masterpiece song !!

1. You were beautiful

2. I smile

3. I loved you

These are love songs for men.

the speaker in these songs is a man who can not forget his ex-girlfriend.

so, if you are boy, you can cry every time when you listen to this song. if you are not a boy, maybe you may cry. ^^..

The reason why I love DAY6

their music heal me every time.

Day6’s all member can sing, compose, write lyrics. in addition, they are handsome.

they are perfect. really……

I hope they win 1st prize someday in Music bank, M countdown, etc.

I’ll finish with this. see you!




I will fill my blog with my favorite artists. especially, unknown K-pop artists.

My review is a letter for you to introduce my unknown treasure.

I’m really sad….. because most of people don’t know about my treasures.

Hope you enjoy my blog and please have interest in my recommendation.